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BitCoins Guy Blog is For Sale

Yes, put up this blog for sale. Just not into updating this blog any more and it does take too much of my time. The blog is for sale, along with my other blog, Epic Joint, at the Namepros forum. Full information as to registrar, etc. found there. $20.00 for this blog, or $35.00 for both blogs. Go now to purchase HERE. Save 16%   Save 20%   100% Solid Wood Red Mahogany Closet… Save […]


NEW YORK (InsideBitcoins) — With the recent decision by Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne to move some of the basic functions of Wall Street to a block chain, it seems that the Bitcoin community is more interested in the idea of colored coins than ever before. Reddit may also be issuing their own colored coin in the near future, but it’s important to remember that these token systems built on top of the Bitcoin protocol can […]

Why Russia Hates Bitcoin but Might Love the ApplePay

You have to hand it to the world’s unofficial richest man – Russia’s Vladimir Putin. He’s running a covert financial war against the Western countries so successfully it makes US banks like JP Morgan look like stooges. The Russian covert underground cyber-army is taunting banks and has become so confident in their abilities they can brag about them before they even pull off their cyber-tricks. The newly reported  K-Mart hack attack was just announced recently […]

How to invest in altcoins without losing everything

Cryptocurrency world looks like a New York’s exchange in old movies. A giant room filled with screaming people. Even experienced users who are involved with crypto long enough find it hard to navigate through all this information. Pretty much any new cryptocurrency can be a time bomb – there is no way to predict its exchange rate or find out how committed its developers are, let alone figuring out if there are any backdoors in […]

Why Bitcoin may herald a new era in finance

Bitcoin may be risky investment, but the technologies that underpin it are a safe bet to disrupt the finance sector The price of Bitcoin, the best known and most widely used example of a cryptocurrency, has followed a roller coaster trajectory in the past 18 months. This erratic behavior, combined with Bitcoin’s reputation as an enabler for criminal activity, means that serious investors may not consider cryptocurrencies to be an asset class worth considering. However, […]


The Institute of International Finance held its annual membership meeting in Washington this past weekend, and banking elite from all over the world convened to discuss many topics.  The newest topic of discussion at this year’s meeting, one that had eluded them in previous years, was a threat to traditional banking embodied by Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.  What should banking “do” about a Bitcoin threat?  What can they do about it? How to handle the […]

The Motley Fool Slams Bitcoin: A Response

It is always nice to see Bitcoin getting coverage in the mainstream press, especially when you keep in mind the old adage that there’s no such thing as bad press. To be sure, when people read reports of Bitcoin being linked to terrorism, drugs, or any of the other bugbears they like to drag out to frighten their readers. People read the press, but they also are smart enough to know that not everything they […]

Why Apple Pay Is a Threat to Bitcoin

Apple Pay isn’t even here yet and, arguably, it’s already winning the war against bitcoin. Like the digital currency, Apple is disrupting the payments system, but people will probably use it more than they use bitcoin. Cupertino has carefully focused on three areas to make sure that happens: front-end experience, financial institutions, and merchants. So what is the cryptocurrency community going to do about it? Apple Pay’s holy trinity Apple nailed the customer experience side. For starters, […]

Why Bitcoin Fans Don’t Believe in Bad News

Bitcoin might be doing poorly, but for the currency’s online proponents, it’s always time to buy. Here’s the reason behind their optimism. Updated—Friday, October 10 Last weekend, Bitcoin crashed. The dollar value of a single Bitcoin began to decline on electronic markets starting on Friday and by Sunday afternoon had fallen 14%, to $290. It recovered a bit in the days that followed, but the slide appears to part of a broader trend: At the […]


This op-ed is all about inspiring you to look at the future from a different perspective. Getting you to look at the world, at Bitcoin, and how they fit together in a totally different fashion. People today are all caught up in the US Dollar price of Bitcoin and the ups-and-downs of Bitcoin’s value relative to a fiat currency. That misses the entire point of what Bitcoin is, and why it’s here. It’s here for […]

Why Civil Asset Forfeiture Is One of the Strongest Arguments for Bitcoin

Most proponents of Bitcoin are at least a little libertarian-ish, and it’s not hard to see why. Bitcoin is hard to use, profoundly volatile, and not as widely accepted as cash or credit cards. Many of these things will get better in the future, but that doesn’t change the situation right now. In some limited circumstances (sending small amounts of money to strangers, as in Reddit’s CoinTip, or when sending remittances across national borders), there […]

Falling prices aren’t the real reason to worry about bitcoin

People are starting to notice: The bad boy of the digital currency world is losing its mojo. Which is to say, bitcoin prices in US dollars have been heading south, hovering at just under $350 after peaking at more than $1,100 just a year ago. At one point, bitcoin was the worst performer of nearly any asset class. It’s not a coincidence, either, that bitcoin hasn’t really been in the news of late, as the currency was during last year’s explosion. The […]

Bitcoin in Crisis or Bitcoin FOR Crisis

As Bitcoin takes its latest plunge to the floor, it’s really easy to get panicky or lose heart. As much as we tout the fundamentals of the protocol, merchant adoption, and opening of businesses making getting and using bitcoins easier than ever, in our heart of hearts we know that Bitcoin is still a nascent, unproven technology and could, just could, go to zero. What’s also important to remember as we fixate on the red […]

Why do Bitcoins have value?

A: Bitcoin was launched in 2009 as the world’s first decentralized, private digital currency. Because it has no physical denominations, Bitcoin only exists inside of an interlinked computer network system. This is not entirely unique, as much of the U.S. dollar supply only exists in digital account balances instead of as actual green pieces of paper. Bitcoins are generated, or “mined,” through a sequence of complex mathematical formulas run through computers. The anonymous creator of Bitcoins […]

Bitcoin Is the Currency of the Private, Decentralized Economy

Many people often hear the claim that currency is only Bitcoin’s first app, but it’s difficult to understand what that phrase means after hearing it for the first time. Bitcoin has the potential to power many new decentralized applications over the next decade by providing a token for transferring value. Whether you’re talking about hosting files securely in the cloud or placing a bet on the Super Bowl over the Internet without the need for […]